Tatsiana Coquerel is a founder and Fashion Designer behind MAKE ME A DOLL.  Her passion for reading books and fairy tales influenced her signature style in her Fashion Collections. She graduated as a Fashion Designer from Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick Institute of Technology in 2013. Since graduation she worked as Costume Designer in films and musicals and received  Awards for the Best Costume Designs in the movie "The Cloclmaker's Dream" (by Cashell Horgan) at the 14th Monaco International Film Festival and 8th Underground Cinema Film Festival in Ireland . Following the passion for Fashion, Art and Design Tatsiana Coquerel  launched her first fashion collection "WONDERROSE" in November 2016. The main focus in her design process is in investigation of the national costume and traditional embroidery and craft techniques  from the previous generations. She creates fairy tales with miniature haute couture designing Art Dolls. Love for nature, folk stories and fairy tales from around the world is reflected in her unique embroidery, embellishments and signature illustrations designed and printed on the fabric.