The inspiration behind ONLY TWO collection is coming from the observation and studies of Japanese culture and the meaning of two colours in it: red and pink. Pink is the quintessential colour of spring. In Japanese culture the light shade of pink became known as "the colour of change", referring to a man who has fallen in love. Yet the tender, soft, sweet colouring of pink is often used to describe a woman's heart. Red has traditionally represented the sun in Japanese culture. The Japanese word for down and red are quite similar. A deep red is also the foundation of life, meaning the blood in the human body. It is also called "the sacred colour". Designs in ONLY TWO collection are based on two very similar but yet very opposite colours, red and pink, soft and sharp lines, fragile and strong silhouettes. It is a celebration of the harmony between femininity and purity of pink with strength and passion coming from the red colour.